Moving - How Much to Rent an Apartment?

If you're moving and planning on renting an apartment, take this list of questions about rental costs with you to each rental viewing. It'll help keep you focused and ensure that you ask everything that you need to know before you sign the rental lease.

Questions to Ask the Landlord or Manager About Rental Costs:

Are utilities included?

This is one of the most important questions to ask when deciding on which property to rent. Often, additional costs of utilities add a substantial monthly fee. Utilities include water, heat, hydro and garbage removal. Most apartment complexes will include utilities while renting a house will likely mean that utilities will be paid by you. If utilities are paid by you, ask how much they'll cost per month. If possible, ask the current renter since they'll have a better idea and may provide a more accurate amount.

How much is the security deposit and/or damage deposit?

Again, the security deposit and damage deposit adds a substantial amount to your rental fees. Find out the stipulations for holding each deposit and what's required to ensure you get your money back.

Does the apartment accept pets?

If you have pets, ask about whether pets are allowed, which kinds and if there's an additional fee charged. Some rentals now charge a pet rental fee on top of your monthly rent. It can sometimes be as much as $75 per pet. In addition, most units will charge a pet damage deposit in case your pet causes significant damage to the apartment.
Is laundry included? While this is a straight-forward question, it's important to find out how much laundry costs if it's not included in the suite. This will add costs to your monthly rental.

Is parking included?

Many rental units will include one parking space with your monthly rental fee. However, it's important to ask as some buildings charge a set amount per parking space per month.



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